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  1. Review room options
  2. Review Scheduling Policy
  3. Review room availability calendar
  4. Review parking information
  5. Fill out room request application below
  6. Review Cost (when applicable)
    • Check must be made out to: University of Michigan Detroit Center
    • Payment is due two weeks prior to event date
  7. Submit application


One of the primary functions of the Detroit Center is to offer space for meetings and events. From here you can place a request to reserve a room for your meeting, lecture or other event.

Before placing a reservation request, please understand the following:

  • Online reservation requests do not guarantee the requested room, date or time
  • Confirmation of your request will be sent via e-mail immediately
  • A separate e-mail will be sent within 24-48 hours detailing the status of your request
  • Requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to intended start time
  • Room cancellations must be made within three days of your event start time. Any canceled event is subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Room time is reserved in increments of 15-minute intervals (15, 30, 45, etc.)
  • University of Michigan units are required to provide a shortcode to reserve rooms at the Detroit Center. The shortcode will only be used if your unit reserves a room, but: 1.) fails to cancel it within 24 hours if the room is no longer needed; or, 2.) reserves a room for a specific time, but fail to occupy the room within 2 hours of the start time. If you have any question about this policy, please contact Associate Director Feodies Shipp –

Rental Cost:
  • University of Michigan units: Free of Charge
  • University of Michigan-Dearborn units: Free of Charge
  • U-M Alumni, Partners, Non-Profits and Organizations: Discounts available, please submit your inquiries to the Detroit Center

*Beginning December 11, 2012, the University of Michigan Detroit Center updated its funding and operations model. All room requests made after this date follow these updated policies*

Briefly describe the event and the purpose for the use of the room.

Requester Information
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
U-M unit your organization is partnered with
Billing information
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Non-UM units please enter 000000
Enter the start and end dates of this event
Format: 04/27/2017
Format: 03:12AM
Format: 04/27/2017
Format: 03:12AM
Day of Event Contact
The person who we may contact on the day of the event.
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Setup Information
Please describe in the fields below your room setup specifications.
Select the estimated range of attendees
Select the configuration you would like for the room setup.
Select the equipment items you anticipate needing for this event.
If you are planning on having your event catered, please select your caterer from this listing. If your caterer is not in this listing, please note it in the "Special Instructions" field below. Please note it is the responsibility of the requestor to make all catering arrangements for your event.
Enter any special instructions or requests here. If your caterer was not in the listing above, please make note of it here.
Publicity Information
If you would like your event to be publicized by the Detroit Center, please fill out the fields below to describe the event for publicity purposes.
Enter the official title of the event used for public consumption
If there is a contact person that you would like publicized, enter the name, email address, and/or phone number of this person.
If there is a webpage/website where people can get more information about this event or more information about a speaker, performer, or organization related to this event, enter it here.
Enter a description for the event that you would like to be posted on the Detroit Center website and potentially other locations for public consumption.

By clicking "submit" you are verifying that that you have read this form in its entirety and agree to follow all policies associated with room requests at the Detroit Center.