Monts Hall Gallery

Each year, Lester P. Monts Hall features 8-10 exhibits featuring University, local professional, and K-12 student artists. Along with an opening reception, each show includes an artist talk or educational program related to the exhibition to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts. As a public art gallery, we seek to provide meaningful educational encounters with visual arts, while enhancing the cultural environment of our community. 

On Friday, May 16, 2014, we designated the gallery at the Detroit Center as the Lester P. Monts Hall. The honor recognized Dr. Monts’ invaluable counsel and support in regards to the founding and development of the Detroit Center in his former role as Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. His contributions extended well beyond what one would consider service. The impact resulting from his ardent endeavors to bridge University of Michigan and Detroit communities will resonate for many years to come.

2015-2016 Exhibtion Season

2014-2015 Exhibition Season